2 thoughts on “Resources

  1. These are all such great resources listed above-thank you. I wanted to share another one, if I may. Developing oral language has such an impact on future literacy development. The book, “Talking on the Go: Everyday Activities to Enhance Speech and Language” by Dorothy P. Dougherty and Diane R. Paul is such a practical guide for parents. It is organized by age, birth to 5 years, with appropriate activities at each of those milestones. They are easy activities you can do with your child in the car, at the grocery store, on the bus, etc. A powerful resource which would make a great gift for a new parent.
    Andra Bell

    • Thanks so much for your book idea. We should never underestimate the power of talking to young children – talking to all aged children actually. But, when they are small, it is another way we let them know they are important. And, as Andra who is a learning expert tells us, we can show them how important they are and help them develop language skills all at one time. I hope you’ll follow us Andra and offer your thoughts often.

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