No Sadness and Overindulgence (9-23-15)

Today’s Parenting Reminder:

Are you preventing your child from feeling sad? This can be a form of overindulgence.

Pay attention to times that your child is sad or disappointed. It doesn’t have to be about something big. It can be because he has to wait for something, can’t find something he wants to play with or wear, a friend can’t play, etc.

Notice what your first reaction is. Do you want to try to talk him into feeling better, get him focused on something else, or give him something he likes to eat?

Stop yourself.

Remember that learning to deal with sadness is an important life lesson. Instead of your usual response, try letting him know that you are noticing that he is sad or disappointed. Hold him, hug him, or pat him.

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Next Parenting Reminder will be on Sept. 25, 2015 (Daily Parenting Tips).

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