Me-Time for You Is Good for Your Children (4-25-14)

Today’s Parenting Tip:

DECIDE:   “Me-time” will help you take better care of your children.

PRACTICE:   Set aside some time for yourself today – don’t say you can’t. It can be just 15 minutes, if it has to be – although it would be better if it were 30 minutes or an hour.

Try working yourself up to that full hour, if you can’t do that much right now.

Do whatever feels good for that 15 minutes. Sit quietly, exercise, read, watch TV, listen to music (or dance to the music).

If you have been ignoring yourself for a long time, you may have to practice not feeling guilty. You may have to re-learn what things you like, before your me-time actually feels good and re-energizes you.

Plan to do me-time on a regular schedule – every day, few days, week, couple of weeks, month. If you have to space it out to every month, make sure it is a whole morning, afternoon, or evening each time.

Today’s Decide and Practice daily parenting tip was inspired by our featured picture book, PHOEBE & DIGGER.  Read the book to a child in your life each day as a reminder of what you are deciding and practicing that day.

Come back each day for another good parenting decision and how to practice it. (Each day’s activity will also be posted on the Daily Parenting Tips page for easy access.)

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