How Kids Learn about Feelings

Monday’s Parenting Thought
It is important for kids to learn to feel what other kids feel. If others are sad – to feel sad that they are sad. If others are mad or afraid – to understand that they have important reasons to be mad or afraid. If others are happy – to be happy that they are happy.
Some ways children can learn to feel what others feel (empathy):
  • Talk about their own feelings.
  • Learn the names of feelings and be able to name what they feel and what they think others are feeling.
  • Talk about what they think others are feeling – TV characters, brothers and sisters, Mom and Dad, kids at school, or kids they see on the playground.
  • Learn to make up for mistakes they make (for example, when they hurt someone – even when they don’t mean to).
Inspired by BOO HOO BIRD by Jeremy Tankard
For more information about kids and empathy: When a Kid Gets Hurt.