It’s Fun to be Silly (2-20-15)

Today’s Parenting Tip:

DECIDE:       It’s fun to be silly.

PRACTICE:  Today, make a list of words that your child knows. Create a paper deck of cards each with one of those words on it. For young children, you can draw pictures on the cards to go with the words.

Use the deck to tell a silly story. Shuffle the “cards,” and then deal five words to your child – for him to use to tell a story.

Before you deal to your child, take five words yourself to show your child how to tell a story with them. For example: “girl,” “dog,” “eat,” “sit,” and “apple” can turn into, “A girl sits down to watch her dog eat a big red apple.”

If the child is very young make each group of five words be one whole story. If your child is old enough, keep dealing new rounds with five new cards and add on to the story. For example, “bed,” “car,” “mad,” “see,” and “yellow” could be added to the first story, ”But the girl gets mad because she sees a yellow car driving away with her bed on top of it.”

 Today’s Parenting Tip was inspired by our featured picture book, MR. ZINGER’S HAT.  Read the book to a child in your life each day as a reminder of what you are deciding and practicing that day.

Come back each day for another good parenting decision and how to practice it. (Each day’s activity will also be posted on the Daily Parenting Tips page for easy access.)

Read the whole story at The Importance of Storytelling.



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