It’s Good to Show-Off – Sometimes. (7-12-15)

From Summer Activities for Children, Part 3:

Let’s show off. Blog9 Sidebar1Help your child organize and perform a “kids show” with kids from the neighborhood. Younger kids may need you to be the director, come up with the plan, and help them rehearse. Older kids can develop their own plans and get ready. If they need help, you can offer to set up a place for the show and notify an audience (other parents and neighbors). The show can be as simple or involved as you want. If you want to make it very real, the kids can even make tickets and snacks. Clap and celebrate at the end. Tell each kid why you are clapping – you loved his song … her dance made you feel happy … he made you laugh … she had such a great smile.Come back to Daily Parenting Tips each day for another fun activity.

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