School Supplies: How Much Is Enough? (8-2-15)

Today’s Parenting Tip:

We understand that some of our readers are from countries that have royal princesses and princes. We respect the important history and official roles of those royal princesses and princes. These parenting tips are designed to help us understand how an ordinary person can become a lovable, capable princess or prince – both in spirit and in action.

Because these parenting tips are inspired by our featured book, PRINCESS IN TRAINING and because August is back-to school month for many kids, these tips are about how your child can return to school as a lovable, capable princess (or prince).

Decide:  To be a prince in spirit and in action, your child needs to learn what it means to have “enough.”

Practice:  Survey your child’s school shopping list. Answer these questions. (Thanks to Jean Illsley Clarke for connecting these types of questions with knowing what is enough.)

  • Do these clothes or supplies help my child grow and develop based on his age and abilities?  Are they too old for him?  Too young for him?  Do they encourage too much screen time?  Do they encourage enough physical activity?  Enough creativity?  Enough play with others?  Does he take care of his school clothes?  Have I stuck to the supplies the school has identified as needed or have I added more?  Why does my child need more?
  • Do these supplies or clothes require so much of my money or so much family time and attention that other needs or other people are losing out?  If so, can I get what is needed for less money?
  • Are these supplies or clothes about what my child really needs or do I need or want him to have them for my own reasons? (For example, I wanted them when I was a child; I feel guilty that I work a lot; I am afraid without them my child won’t be popular.)
  • Are these supplies or clothes harmful to others? (For example, they could hurt another child, or they are harmful to the environment.)

Use your answers to these questions to help you know whether your child has too much in the way of school clothes or supplies and what you want to do to correct that.

Read more about lovable, capable princesses (and princes): Becoming a Lovable and Capable Prince or Princess.

Come back to Daily Parenting Tips each day for another helpful tip.


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