School and Feelings of Loss (8-5-15)

Today’s Parenting Tip:

We understand that some of our readers are from countries that have royal princesses and princes. We respect the important history and official roles of those royal princesses and princes. These parenting tips are designed to help us understand how an ordinary person can become a lovable, capable princess or prince – both in spirit and in action.

Because these parenting tips are inspired by our featured book, PRINCESS IN TRAINING and because August is back-to school month for many kids, these tips are about how your child can return to school as a lovable, capable princess (or prince).

Decide: To be a princess in spirit and in action, your child needs to feel all of her feelings, including sadness.

Practice:    Make a list of the special things you know your child will miss while at school (blanket, toy, TV show, mom-time, a friend). Make a plan with her about a few of those things so she can count on these pleasures at other times. For example,

Assure her that her toys will be in their usual place waiting for her return. If there is a younger child still at home, let the school-age child select an off-limits toy or two. (For more about personal toy space, see Kids and Sharing, part 1 (

Make a plan for taping a favorite TV show and for when she can watch it.

Make a plan for special one-on-one time with Mom or Dad. (Watching the favorite TV show together would be a good idea.)

Make a plan for playtime with a missed friend.

Read more about lovable, capable princesses (and princes): Becoming a Lovable and Capable Prince or Princess.

Come back to Daily Parenting Tips each day for another helpful tip.


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