Asking Your Child About School (8-14-15)

Today’s Parenting Tip:

We understand that some of our readers are from countries that have royal princesses and princes. We respect the important history and official roles of those royal princesses and princes. These parenting tips are designed to help us understand how an ordinary person can become a lovable, capable princess or prince – both in spirit and in action.

Because these parenting tips are inspired by our featured book, PRINCESS IN TRAINING and because August is back-to school month for many kids, these tips are about how your child can return to school as a lovable, capable princess (or prince).

Decide: To be a princess in spirit and in action, your child needs to gradually become independent.

Practice:   Think about the questions you usually ask your child about school. How much does she talk about school? If she is not talking as much as you would wish for, make a plan to try some different questions.

Try smaller questions. Try breaking down the questions by being more specific. What was lunch like? Recess? The bus ride? What was one thing you liked or didn’t like at school today? Pay attention to what questions work best for your child.

If you still get no details, let it go. Accept that it is your child’s experience. Give her a chance to own her experience and not have to share every single thing. Just make sure she knows you are available to talk – anytime – about anything.

If there is something you particularly want or need to know, ask it in detail.  Did you have all the supplies you needed?  Did you have the right colors in your crayon box?  Did you see so and so or play with so and so?

Read more about lovable, capable princesses (and princes): Becoming a Lovable and Capable Prince or Princess.

Come back to Daily Parenting Tips each day for another helpful tip.


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