“In a Minute” (9-27-15)

Today’s Parenting Reminder:

What if you can’t do what your child asks right when she asks?

It’s OK to tell your child she has to wait. Tell her you are glad to help her, but she will need to wait until you can get to it.

  • Tell her why she has to wait. (You need to finish what you are doing; you need to go or do something first; etc.)
  • Tell her how long it will be – be realistic about how much time is involved. Don’t say, “in a minute” unless you really will be ready in one minute.
  • Check in with her in exactly the time you said, even if you aren’t quite ready. You can arrange for more time, if you need it. This is very important. It makes her willing to wait. It builds her trust that you mean what you say and that she can depend on you.

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Next Parenting Reminder will be on Sept. 29, 2015 (Daily Parenting Tips).

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