Danger: Too Much Time and Attention (10-19-15)

Today’s Parenting Reminder:

Too much time and attention can be a danger to children growing up as healthy, happy adults.

  • How often does your child control what the family does and when and how the family does it?
  • How many family decisions is your child controlling?
    • Where Grandma sits at the table?
    • Where the family goes on vacation?
    • Where you go to eat dinner?

If the answer is yes to many of these questions, consider taking back your family power. Reduce the number of decisions your child is asked to make. When your child does get to make a decision make sure it is about something he or she should have control over (What do you want to wear today? Grandma is sitting here, which of the other seats do you want?).

Read more about attention: Fighting for Attention

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