Learn about Your Child with “What If” Game

Monday’s Parenting Thought
“What If” is a game of imagination that you can play anywhere – in the car, on a
bus, in a waiting room, at a restaurant. It takes no equipment other than brains and willingness to use them.
All you have to do is ask your child a “What If” question and let him imagine himself in that situation.
You can ask about all sorts of things – upcoming fun events (a vacation), scary events (a trip to a new
doctor), unknown but interesting situations (other cities, states or countries), or recent not-so-good experiences (a fight with a friend).
For example, “What if you could go anywhere in the world on vacation; where would you go?”
By listening to your child’s answer you can learn how much he knows about geography; what he likes to do on vacation; what he doesn’t like about vacation; how he makes decisions; how you can help him have a good vacation.
Note: IF I CROSSED THE ROAD by Stephen Kroninger is a full book of “What If” imagination for young children.
More about encouraging your child’s imagination at When Are Kids Old Enough? 

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