‘Tis the Season for Gratitude

Monday’s Parenting Thought

“Too much” is a roadblock to gratitude. One of the effects of “too much” is the lack of gratitude.

“Too much” comes in three flavors.

  1. Too much stuff.
  2. Too much caring (as in doing things for a children that they can and should do for himself in order to learn life lessons).
  3. Too much freedom (as in not enough responsibility, chores, and limits).

It is time to question whether kids are suffering from “Too Much,” when they:

  • do not take care of their things;
  • don’t use (or wear) what they have;
  • don’t seem to know what they have; and/or
  • always want more.

If kids are suffering from “Too Much,” it could be helpful to start putting gratitude front and center. For example,

  1. Have your kids write notes about what they are grateful for. Small children can draw pictures. They can put their notes on the table at dinner and you (and them, if they are readers) can read them around the table. The notes can be with or without names, depending on which way you think they would be more comfortable.
  2. You can record things the kids do that show gratitude (like, saying thank you or saying they really like something they have.) When they have shown gratitude so many times, you can have a special celebration.
  3. You can ask the kids twhat they are grateful for as part of their bedtime routine.
  4. You can find a way to share your own gratitudes. Kids learn by example.
More about “Too Much” at Parenting Today – Over-parenting and What Does “Too Much” Mean to You (10-16-14)

2 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season for Gratitude

    • Ann,
      I do have some comments that might be helpful in answering your very important question. I am going to wait a few days, however, in hopes that other readers might want to offer their wisdom about it first.

      Dr. Mom

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