Six More Reasons That Grandparents Are Great

Parenting Thoughts

If you are a parent or caregiver for children, share this “greatness list” with grandparents you know.
If you are a grandparent or a grandparent “substitute” – celebrate. You are great for all the following reasons.
Grandparents are great because …
  1. They are funny. They use words kids don’t hear in other places, like whipper-snapper, davenport, picture show, pocket book, thing-a-ma-gig, catawampus, or cattycornered.
  2. They tell family stories and exaggerate them to be good for a laugh.
  3. They show old pictures and home movies that make you laugh.
  4. They like to talk to you. Everything you say is interesting. They haven’t heard your words and curious questions a thousand times like parents have.
  5. They like to be asked questions. There are never too many questions for grandparents. After all, they usually don’t see you everyday.
  6. They get excited for your accomplishments, sad about your disappointments, and always encourage you.
Inspired by MY GRANDMA LIVES IN FLORIDA by Ed Shankman
For more information about grandparenting: Grandparent Greatness

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