Be On the Lookout for Grandparents

Parenting Thoughts

If you are a parent and are lucky enough to have grandparents in your child’s life – celebrate them. Children need as many people in their circle of love as possible. The more there are the better it is.
However, not all family situations are ideal.  Some grandparents are not able to be in their grandchildren’s lives. If that is true in your case:
  • Be on the lookout for friends and other family members who are the right age.
  • Ask yourself: “If those folks had a chance to get to know my children, would they love them the way I want grandparents to love them?”
  • If your answer is “Yes, I think they would,” invite those folks into your family.
Inspired by MY GRANDMA LIVES IN FLORIDA by Ed Shankman
For more information about grandparenting: Grandparent Greatness

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