Three Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Talents

Parenting Thoughts

  1. Make sure your children have chances to explore their talents or interests to the fullest – even if it is messy. Even if it means using things in unusual, surprising ways – like building things out of food, pillows, cans in the pantry, and just about anything they can get their hands on.
  2. Appreciate their interests, even if they are not very good at things yet. Sometimes it just takes determination to get better and better at the things they are interested in.
  3. Think about whether you can get them some lessons or classes. If that costs too much, is there a volunteer in your neighborhood, at work, or at church who knows a lot about their interests and would share what he or she knows?
Inspired by IGGY PECK, ARCHITECT by Andrea Beaty
For more information about children’s talents: Your Child’s Special Talents, Part 2

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