Three More Ways to Encourage Your Child’s Talents

Parenting Thoughts

  1. Make sure your children have the type of education they will need to follow their dreams. For example, you can’t be an architect without math skills, can’t be a writer without Language Arts skills, and can’t be a scientist without scientific knowledge. When kids realize these school subjects apply to their special interests, school will be much more important to them.
  2. Help your children find other kids to be with that have the same interests or talents as they do – even if those kids a little older or younger.
  3. Find ways for your children to be around adults who have the same interests or talents as they do. If you have that talent in your family tree, be sure to share that and put your child in touch with those relatives. It is helpful for children to know they get their talents and interests from family members – that there is a reason they are the way they are.
Inspired by IGGY PECK, ARCHITECT by Andrea Beaty
For more information about children’s talents: Your Child’s Special Talents, Part 2

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