Children’s Interests and Talents Belong in School.

Parenting Thoughts

If your children are having trouble performing well in school, are causing trouble in school, or are just plain not happy at school – consider whether they are bored and whether their talents and interests are being ignored. Many difficult children in school are actually gifted children who are bored.
The best way to learn to read is to read about something you are interested in. Does your school have children reading the same thing all the time – or is there opportunity for each child to read his own thing? I have seen many children’s love of learning unlocked by simply making their lessons each day mean something to them – making them be about
the things that interest them.
For example, all things have math in them – sports, cooking, building things, music. All things have science in them – machines, bicycles, cars, the human body. Everything in a child’s world can be used to teach the 3 R’s (reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic). We need to make those connections at home and for sure in classrooms.
Inspired by IGGY PECK, ARCHITECT by Andrea Beaty
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