Parent-Teacher Conferences

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Five things to know about parent-teacher conferences
  1. It is easier to talk about any difficult situations, if your child is not with you. So, plan to go alone unless your school has suggested you should bring your student. However, it can be very helpful for you to share at home any good things the teacher has told you about the student. These second-hand compliments can be very good for children.
  2. Conferences are very short, so be on time. This shows respect for the teacher’s tight schedule and for the other parents coming after you.
  3. Know what you want to ask about before you go. This will mean taking some time to get organized ahead of time. Have you noticed that your student has had any
    problems with school?  Issues with studies? With other teachers or students? Is there anything you wish could be different for your student at school?
  4. What have you noticed that makes you think school is going really well for your student? Be sure to share that with the teacher. Teachers need to know what is working well n their classroom. and they want their students to be happy and successful. This is a good way to start the conference.
  5. Be open to hearing what your child needs to do better. Remember that you and the teacher are partners and that you both want the same thing – student success. Explore what you can do at home to help the student do better.
Adapted from AARP Bulletin (January/February 2019), “Ace Parent-Teacher Conferences,” Alexis Releford.

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