Helping Your Child with Homework

Parenting Thoughts

Three ways to help your child with homework

  1. If it is hard for your child to stay with his homework long enough to finish it …
He may need to do his homework in smaller chunks. You can set aside more than one short “homework time.” Arrange for some physical activity in between the homework sessions. For example, catch a ball, do jumping jacks, play outside.
  1. If your child seems to forget or misplace what she needs for her homework    (assignments, worksheets, books, etc.) …
You can teach her how to check her backpack before she leaves school and before bed each night. It can also help to have a consequence for “forgotten” materials. For example, no completed homework can mean no TV or screen time that evening. If you want to see her memory improve, you will need to stick to the consequence, no matter the sadness, anger, excuses, or apologies. Over time, the reactions will get less and the memory will get better.
  1. If your child is speedy about his homework, but makes lots of mistakes …
You can set a certain amount of time as “homework time” and require that he spend all that time doing the homework, checking the homework, and maybe even doing some reading of his choice, if there is extra time.


Adapted from: Ann Dolin, Educational Tutoring Service as reported in What’s Your Kid’s Homework Style? Good Housekeeping, September, 2018.

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