Helping Children Be Good Family and Community Members

Parenting Thoughts

Good family and community members do the following.
Help one another.  Find ways to comfort your children when they are sad or afraid. For example, with snuggles and hugs. Also, let them help you comfort others. For example, by bringing dinner or offering to pick up groceries. In other words, teach how to help others by exampl


Take responsibility for making the group successful.  Assign chores to your children and expect them to be done and done well.  You will teach them to become responsible to themselves and others.
Know and respect the rules that help the group be successful.  Play games with your children making sure they understand the rules and play by them. Point out that rules make it possible for everyone to enjoy playing the game and occasionally win the game.
Support the common good.  Pay attention to what “causes” are important to your children (recycling, kindness to animals, supporting their school, etc.). Find ways you can get behind their causes (volunteer, donate, tell others what is needed, etc.). You will be teaching your children that helping others is a good thing, that it feels good to do so, and that there are many ways to offer help, no matter what your age, abilities, or available money.
Inspired by: Craig and Marc Kielburger, founders of WE Charity (a Good Housekeeping Magazine Humanitarian Seal charity) as reported in Raising Kids Who Care, Good Housekeeping, September, 2018.

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