Children Need to Know They Are Important

Parenting Thoughts

  • Children need to know that they are important in their world with all its wonder and possibilities. The more they know about their small universe – family, neighborhood, school, church – the more they can feel safe right in the comfy, cozy center of it. Being the center of their small universe will feed their imaginations. It will lead to wishes and dreams. It will be the source of mysteries and puzzles to solve. It will give them the confidence to explore their world and make  discovery after discovery.
  • Children need to know they are the apple of someone’s eye – that they are right in the center of someone else’s universe. This will make them feel loved and appreciated. It will lead to their trusting in the world, other people, and themselves. It can lead to their knowing how to love and be loved.


Inspired by LIGHT UP THE NIGHT by Jean Reidy
For more information about kids being the center of the universe: Being the Center of the Universe

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