When Children Think It’s All about Them

Parenting Thoughts

Children need to know how important they are. See Children Need to Know They Are Important. However, there are dangers when children think they are in charge of everything and everything is all about them.

Too much time and attention – so much so that children are taking on responsibility and decisions they are not ready for. For example, deciding where and what the family will eat or go on a vacation.
Too much stuff – so much so that children aren’t learning what is enough, are never satisfied, and don’t really know how to enjoy things.
Not enough rules and too many privileges – so much so that children are unsure of how to be safe and avoid making mistakes. Also, they learn to depend and expect others to make them happy and successful rather than learning how to take care of themselves.
Not enough consequences – so much so that they have trouble making up for the things they do wrong and finding ways to feel OK about themselves.


Inspired by LIGHT UP THE NIGHT by Jean Reidy
For more information about kids being the center of the universe: Being the Center of the Universe; 

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