Six Ways to Encourage Your Child

Parenting Thoughts

How to encourage your child to get better at a skill
  1. Get your child to talk yo you about how well he can do a particular skill and what part of that skill he does best. Give him or her your full attention and be amazed and proud.
  2. Tell your child what skill you think he or she does really well. Don’t just say he or she is good at it. Be specific about exactly what part of that skill he or she is doing so well at.
  3. Tell others how good your child is at a particular skill and make sure your child overhears you.
  4. Tell your child that someone told you about how good he or she is at a particular skill.
  5. Display your child’s work all over the place – pictures, videos, newspaper articles, art projects, etc. Be openly proud of him or her.
  6. Ask your child to show off his or her skill – many times and in front of others.
(These same ideas can be used for all types of learning, not just for skills. For example, to do better in science or history. They also can be used to encourage particular qualities. For example, kindness, honesty, or responsibility.)
Inspired by A VIOLIN FOR ELVA by Mary Lyn Ray
For more information about kids’ talents see:
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