Five Reasons for Children to Do Art

I don’t believe I have ever known a child who didn’t want to create art. Isn’t it wonderful that it is so good for them?
Art is good for children because they have to:
  1. Think for themselves. Decisions, decisions. What color, what note, what shape, what move.
  2. Wait for it to become what it is going to be. They must stick with it to actually have a final product.
  3. Focus. It takes attention and concentration to get ideas from their heads through their muscles and nerves and onto a page or stage.
  4. Problem-solve. How can I make something new and different out of  paint, clay, dance steps, or musical notes?
  5. Learn about chores. Art is usually messy. A clean-up job that is right for their age and abilities can teach responsibility and how to do a job well. Be sure to show them how to do the job well. For example, cleanup after Play-doh: 1) put dough back in containers, 2) make sure lids are on containers, 3) put containers on shelf, 4) wipe off table.  If the child is very young, he might only be asked to help wipe down the table (with you wiping right behind him to make sure all parts are reached).

What do you think?

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