Back-to-School: Connecting School to Children’s Special Interests

You can help your children get a good start at school this year by helping them make connections between what they are learning and what they are interested in and are good at.

For example, you can explain that:
  1. Math connects to building or fixing things, if that is what your child likes to do.
  2. Science connects to computers, cooking, climate concerns, etc.
  3. They can learn many new things about their special interests, if they are good readers. Perhaps bring home some library books about their special interests and talents and read them together. When you read about their special interests and what they are good at,  you can get to know them better and they feel you are interested in what’s important to them.
  4. At school they can do things like play an instrument, take art classes, build robots, or be on a sports team.
  5. For children not yet in school but who go to daycare or preschool, talk about how you are glad they are learning to get along with other people. Give examples in your own life when getting along has helped you do things you love to do.
  6. Getting along with other people can help them do things they love to do. Be sure to talk to them about the ways that getting along with others has helped you do things you love to do (cooking, playing sports, going to movies, riding bikes, etc.).

What do you think?

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