Exactly What Is Self-Esteem?

We all want our kids to have high self-esteem.
The first step toward helping your kids develop that high self-esteem is to be clear about what high self- esteem looks like.
Let’s start by looking at what self-esteem is NOT and therefore what we don’t want to see in our kids.
 Self-esteem is NOT and what we should steer our kids away from …
  • A “you-owe-me” attitude
  • Expecting everything to be handed to them
  • Being full of themselves
  • Expecting to get away with misbehavior or mistakes
  • Never feeling sorry, sad, or afraid
Now, let’s look at what self-esteem IS and what we do want to see in our kids. 
Self-esteem MEANS and what we should encourage in our kids…
  • Knowing that they are cared about, no matter what
  • Knowing that they can do things for themselves and can gradually grow to be independent
  • Knowing what the rules of life are that will help them live, work, and play with others
  • Knowing there are consequences for what they do
  • Being responsible enough to pay the consequences for what they do
  • Knowing that people will still care about them even when they make mistakes
  • Believing they can find ways to make up for their mistakes

What do you think?

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