Holidays and Quality Time

Upcoming special days on the calendar (Thanksgiving, Hanukka, Kwanzza, Christmas, New Year’s) can mean special time with your children – times to create long-lasting memories.
If Thanksgiving is coming up on your calendar, this is a good time to do a special art project with your child about Thanksgiving. If you do not have a thanksgiving celebration on your national or cultural calendar, you still could celebrate Thanksgiving this month as a way to learn about another country or culture.  
  • Make something you can use at a family meal – perhaps at your thanksgiving meal, if you are planning one. If not, then perhaps at a weekend family meal. 
  • You could make placemats, place cards, a menu, a picture of what your children are thankful for, etc.

  • When you compliment them on their art, be sure to tell them something specific about it. For example, “I love the colors you chose.” Or, “It makes me happy to see the fun faces you drew.”
For older children, your project might be to plan a  meal and then shop together for the supplies you need for your plan (food, table decorations, invitations, etc.) – perhaps for a Thanksgiving meal, if you are planning one. If not, then perhaps for a weekend family meal. 




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