What’s Good About Children Being the Center of the Universe?

  • Seeing themselves in the center of a very big universe means there is no limit to the wonder and possibilities the world can offer them. It can feed their imaginations. It can offer unlimited mysteries and puzzles to solve. It can offer unlimited wishes and dreams to reach for.
  • Seeing themselves in the center of a very small universe means they can feel comfy, cozy, and safe. Their world can be small enough that they can explore it completely with confidence and make discovery after discovery.
  • Living in a universe in which they are the apple of someone’s eye means they will feel loved and appreciated. This world can teach them they can trust the world they live in, other people, and themselves. It can teach them how to love and be loved.
TBD (To Be Continued):  Our March 28 blog will talk about dangers of children being the center of their universe.

What do you think?

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