Does Your Child Have High Self-Esteem?

When children do many things well will they have high self-esteem?
Does pursuing their special interests and talents and being proud of what they can do mean they have high self-esteem?
Does receiving a lot of compliments and attention because of all the things they do well lead them to high self-esteem?
Not necessarily. Doing things well is only half the story of self-esteem.
The other half of the story is that it takes something more than being talented to develop high self-esteem. The second part of high self-esteem is believing that they are cared about just because they are who they are. Believing they deserve to be cared about and cared for no matter what they can or cannot do well.
There are two parts to high self-esteem – Being and Doing.  One part is never enough, both parts must be in place. Adults can help children believe both parts – the worth of what they can DO as well as the worth of just BEING who they are.

What do you think?

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