How Many Things Do You Do for Your Child?

Because August and September are school-starting months, in these months our posts will focus on things you can do to help your child get a good start at school this year.
At the start of school, parents and caregivers find themselves doing more and more things for children. However, doing too much for kids does not help them become healthy, happy adults.
The following questions can help you decide whether you are doing too much.

  • Are the things you are doing fit the children’s ages and maturity levels?
  • Do you do things for children that they could or should do on themselves?
  • Consider the amount of attention you give children. Are you involved in everything they do?
  • Do you often save them from being distressed or frustrated?
  • Do you give them what you think they need even before they ask?
  • Are you trying too hard to make them love you?
If you decide that you are doing too much for your children, remember you are doing it out of love. Also remember that there is always time to make the adjustments you think you should. One step at a time, you can begin doing what they truly need but not more than they need.
(The signs of doing too much for children are taken from HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH? Jean Illsley Clarke, Connie Dawson and David Bredehofts.)



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