Below is my post, NAME-CALLING HURTS. Also see my SPECIAL MESSAGE TO MY READERS about changes in my blog this year.
Listen for name-calling this week. How many examples did you hear?  How many were directed to adults?  To children?
Imagine these were heard over and over day after day. Fast forward and imagine what effect they might have on the people hearing them. Words do matter and they stick with us for a very long time. Some ideas we have about ourselves as adults are so old and so deeply rooted that we cannot even remember where those ideas came from.
What can you do?
  1. Avoid using name-calling.
  2. Reject any name-calling directed to you quickly and strongly. This can be done as an internal conversation with yourself. It does not require pushing back at anyone doing the name-calling. That only gives a person undeserved attention and satisfaction.

What do you think?

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