Asking for Help at School (8-10-15)

Today’s Parenting Tip:

We understand that some of our readers are from countries that have royal princesses and princes. We respect the important history and official roles of those royal princesses and princes. These parenting tips are designed to help us understand how an ordinary person can become a lovable, capable princess or prince – both in spirit and in action.

Because these parenting tips are inspired by our featured book, PRINCESS IN TRAINING and because August is back-to school month for many kids, these tips are about how your child can return to school as a lovable, capable princess (or prince).

Decide: To be a prince in spirit and in action, your child needs to learn to ask for help at school.

Practice:   Play “Asking for Help” with your child. Take turns thinking of different ways you can ask for help in different situations.  Make all the situations be school situations.

See how many different ways to ask for help you each can think of by taking turns.   Write the ideas down and post them in an obvious place at home.  Ask your child which ideas he likes the best.

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