Below is my post, DECISIONS: WHAT SHOULD I DO?  Also see my SPECIAL MESSAGE TO MY READERS about changes in my blog this year.
Should I go this way or that way? Should I choose this or that?

We think decisions should be made by using logic and carefully listing pros and cons. It is true that logic may help decide questions like what car to buy. But, other questions are too big and complex to rely on only logic to provide answers. Questions like whether to have kids, get more education, move, take a certain job, etc.
The bigger questions in life require more than making a this-or-that decision. Instead, they require defining a way forward that is true to a person’s inner self: defining your aspirations, what gives meaning to your life, and who you want or are meant to be. 
It can be uncomfortable to think that some questions don’t have a right or wrong or best solution and that there are mysteries about our life plans. Approaches that can make you more comfortable with these big, complex questions:
  • Identifying and relying on your values and having faith in yourself and others.
  • Remembering that there are not many things in life that are irreversible.
  • Believing that it is OK to be a work in progress and struggling to become a more mature, experienced, and personally powerful person over time.
For more information about these big, complex questions: WILD PROBLEMS by Russ Roberts