When Your Child Feels Gloomy (6-24-14)

Today’s Parenting Tips:

DECIDE:   Relaxation can help with your child’s gloomy feelings.

PRACTICE:   Today, sit with your child and figure out two different things that he thinks would be relaxing for him.

Assign one of the ways to each of the next two weeks and practice every day.

Figure out if your child needs you to help him practice or not. For example, he will need help for a massage, but not necessarily for listening to music.

At the end of each week, check in with him to see whether the idea has helped him deal with gloomy feelings. If so, ask him how and when he will use it in the future. If not, see if you and he can make the idea better or think of another idea.

Our readers would love to hear about your successful ideas. Use our comments section.

 Today’s Decide and Practice daily parenting tip was inspired by our featured picture book, PETE’S A PIZZA.  Read the book to a child in your life each day as a reminder of what you are deciding and practicing that day.

Come back each day for another good parenting decision and how to practice it. (Each day’s activity will also be posted on the Daily Parenting Tips page for easy access.)

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