What Does Your Child Want? (11-13-14)

Today’s Parenting Tip:

Decide:    Your child knows want he wants.

Practice: Today, if it is close to a gift occasion for your child, have a talk with him about what his favorite toys are.

What is the favorite thing he already has? Why does he like it so much?

Has he seen anything on TV, in a catalog, or among his friends that he would love to have?

If he names something that you could not purchase, talk to him about what else would be like that and would be fun to play with. For example, if he wants a new bicycle that you can’t afford, could you paint his old one or get some cool add-ons for it?

If no gift occasion is coming up soon, you could have the same conversation about things he might save his own money for.

You might also come up with some extra jobs for him to earn money for something specific that he wants.

Today’s Parenting Tip was inspired by our featured picture book, CLEVER JACK TAKES THE CAKE.  Read the book to a child in your life each day as a reminder of what you are deciding and practicing that day.

Come back each day for another good parenting decision and how to practice it. (Each day’s activity will also be posted on the Daily Parenting Tips page for easy access.)

Read the whole story at Birthday Parties, Part 2.

What do you think?

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