Back-to-School Messages (8-15-15)

Today’s Parenting Tip:

This Parenting Tip is a reminder about things you can do to help your child get a good start at school this year.

Children need more care-about-you messages at home because they are getting an overdose of you-did-a-good-thing messages at school.

Pick a day to keep track of the types of messages you give your child. (Care-about-you = I’m so glad we can be together tonight.” “You are fun to be with.” “Let me fix you your favorite snack.”)(You-did-a-good-thing =“You stayed right with your homework today until you got it done.” “You were a real star at the soccer game.”

Did you give a lot more care-about you messages than you-did-a-good-thing messages?

Read more about back-to-school: Lessons Learned about Back-to-School.

Come back to Daily Parenting Tips each day for another helpful tip.


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