Not-So-Scary Monsters (10-9-15)

Today’s Parenting Reminder:

One way to deal with bad dreams …

Ask your child, “What if you had a bad dream about big hairy monsters? How could you turn that monster into a not-so-scary monster?

Take turns suggesting what the “nice” monster will be like. For example:

  • “My monster will be teeny tiny.”
  • “Mine will have no teeth. His name is Gummy.”
  • “My monster will be furry and cuddly.”
  • Mine will be so sleepy he can’t wake up no matter how hard he tries.”
  • “My monster has will have no legs. He just weeble-wobbles on his very round behind.”

Tell him you will remind him how to do this anytime he has a bad dream.

Read more about sleep: Getting Kids to Sleep.

Next Parenting Reminder will be on October 12, 2015 (Daily Parenting Tips).

Check Daily Parenting Tips for hundreds of past helpful reminders.


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