Danger: No Rules (11-11-15)

Today’s Parenting Reminder:

Not enough rules for your kids is the same thing as loving them with dangerous strings attached.

A “rule party” (instead of a “pool party”) can help.

  • You meet with some other parents that you trust to talk over good rules and consequences that make sense.
  • Each person brings a family rule that is a challenge for them and everyone gives ideas for how to clearly state the expectation in a way to be right for the age of the child in mind.
  • The group brainstorms about what type of consequence would make sense.
  • The group discusses ways to help for a parent to stick to the rule and the consequence and not look the other way.

Remember, you are in charge of your family. All the ideas you hear are for you to evaluate and make the final choices about what you think will work for your family. Announce this as one of the party rules at the very beginning.

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