What Does Loving Your Kids Look Like?

Parenting Thoughts

Six ways to love your kids
  1. Teach them the skills they need to become independent.
  2. Have high expectations of them, so they can be sure of what they can do and hopeful about their future.
  3. Teach them how to take care of the any person they hurt and to do more than just say they are sorry when they make mistakes.
  4. Say no in a straightforward way when you need to and make sure your discipline is about teaching them rather than punishing them.
  5. Love them no matter how they look, no matter what they can or cannot do, whether they win or lose the game, whether they follow all the rules all the
  6. Love them just because they are your children, alive, and deserving of love and respect.
Inspired by HOMEMADE LOVE by Bell Hooks
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