Five Things You Should Know about Natural Consequences for Bad Behavior

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Five things you should know about NATURAL consequences:

  1. With “natural” consequences, the adult does not make up a “punishment to fit the crime.”  Instead, something unpleasant happens automatically when a child acts up.
  2. For some issues natural consequences can be just what are needed to “teach” the child. For example, when
    • a child ignores his alarm clock for school, misses his bus, and has to walk to school;
    • a child forgets his lunch and has to wait until after school to eat.
  3. However, sometimes natural consequences are too severe – or even unsafe. For example, we can’t let a child play at the stove to experience the natural consequence of getting burned.
  4. No matter how much kids protest, consequences are the way to go.
  5. Consequences teach children that they can make mistakes, learn from them, and still be loved.

(See Sticking to the Rules for more information about consequences.)

Winter’s Picture Books
We have been amazed at how much good parenting information is in children’s picture books – books that we hope you are reading everyday to the children in your lives – your own, your class, those you take care of.  For each book, we are noting there is something in it to remind you of how to be the parent you want to be.
What’s in it for you, the reader? 
A reminder of how important self-esteem is for your children.
What’s in it for you, the reader?
A reminder that babies start making decisions about themselves and the world around them from the moment they are born (if not before).
What’s in it for you, the reader?
A reminder that natural consequences are powerful. See for more about natural consequences.
What’s in it for you, the reader?
A reminder that your child has a star within him. You can help it shine.
What’s in it for you, the reader?
A reminder that you can help your child with sad and frustrated feelings when they can’t have everything they want.

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