Your Child Can Be a Designer.

Parenting Thought:

A New Room

Make a new room.

Choose a spot in the house – child’s bedroom, play area, TV room, etc. Tell your child you are going to play being “designers.”

Together, take all the moveable stuff out of the room. Tell your child he can decide where to put things back into the room. Tell him you will leave the room “his way” for one day to test how it works, and when the test is over, you will be in charge of what to do with the room.

Take before and after pictures. Be sure to check in with your child about how the room worked during the test period.

Summer’s Picture Books

We have been amazed at how much good parenting information is in children’s picture books – books that we hope you are reading everyday to the children in your lives – your own, your class, those you take care of.  For each book, we are noting there is something in it to remind you of how to be the parent you want to be.
What’s in it for you, the reader? 
A reminder that preschool-aged children test out what it means to be mean, but you can help them learn that there are good reasons to give up being mean to be nice.
What’s in it for you, the reader?
A reminder that the first days of school can be scary for your children at any age and that you can help them get over those fears.
What’s in it for you, the reader?
A reminder that all children have trouble sharing, but you can help them learn that it also can be fun to share.
What’s in it for you, the reader?
A reminder that your children need to know you love them no matter what – “On fun days and sad days and happy days and mad days….”

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2 thoughts on “Your Child Can Be a Designer.

  1. Love this! I did this to my daughter’s room last year, she was 5, and I let her put everything back (or for the furniture she told us where to put it). Very fun! Maybe I should let her try it again, or let her try it on a different area now.

    • So glad to hear how it went for you. If you decide to do it for her room again, I suggest you ask her first whether she wants to change it up. There is always the possibility that she isn’t done with it yet as she has it. In that case, some other area might be a good idea. If you do it again, consider taking a before and after picture like in the magazines. Then, she could write about what she did. She can tell you what she wants to point out, and you could write her words down. Post on the fridge for all to see her “article,” of course.

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