Dangers of Children Being the Center of Their Universe

Children thinking they are the center of their universe has can be a good thing (See What’s Good About Children Being the Center of Their Universe?), but only if the following dangers are avoided.
  • When given too much time and attention, children can see themselves as in charge. They can begin to make decisions for themselves and their families that should be made by adults, not children. For example, where to vacation, what restaurant to eat at, or where people should sit at the dinner table.
  • When children have too many things, they are not learning what is enough, are never
    satisfied, and don’t really know how to enjoy things.
  • When children do not have enough rules or have too many privileges they can become unsure of themselves. They don’t know what they can and can’t do safely. They don’t know how to keep themselves out of trouble. They have trouble being successful in their world unless they have others to make excuses for them and save them from the consequences of their own mistakes.
  • When children’s bad behavior is excused, they don’t learn responsibility for their behavior. They don’t learn that they can be still loved and cared for even when they make mistakes. They don’t learn that when they mess up they have choices that can help them feel better about themselves. They can take responsibility for their mistakes and pay the consequences and if they have hurt others, they can find ways to make up for the harm they have done.

What do you think?

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