Six Things to Do Before Shopping with Your Child

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Image courtesy of AKARAKINGDOMS /

Image courtesy of AKARAKINGDOMS /

Six Things to Do Before Shopping with Your Child
  1. Plan the trip several days ahead of when you need the purchase.
  2. Feed your child before the trip.
  3. Make the trip well before your child will need to sleep.
  4. Take snacks with you.
  5. Have a plan B in case your child has a meltdown and you have to leave the store (especially important for toddlers and preschoolers). Suggestions below.
    • Perhaps go to fewer stores
    • Maybe offer fewer choices to your child
    • Shop on your own
    • Bring a couple of choices home for your child to select from
  6. Talk through the following with your child.
    • What you are shopping for
    • What stores you will go to
    • How much money you will spend
    • How the final decision will be made
      • You making a first selection of 2 or 3 things and your child making the final decision.
      • Your child making the decision on his own.

If this all seems like way too much effort for the simple task of buying a gift, don’t forget it is a learning experience for your child – and a much needed life lesson.

 (See The Benefits of Art, Choices, and Discipline: Part I  for more about children and shopping.)
Autumn’s Picture Books
We have been amazed at how much good parenting information is in children’s picture books – books that we hope you are reading everyday to the children in your lives – your own, your class, those you take care of.  For each book, we are noting there is something in it to remind you of how to be the parent you want to be.
A reminder that Dad’s are important with many ideas about how to play with and just be with your child
A reminder that fear can be overcome and that being a trusted friend is helpful when your child is afraid
A reminder that holiday gifts should show that you know your child really well and that if what your child wants is safe and affordable, it is a good gift – no matter how small or how unusual
A reminder of the dangers of overindulgence and out-of-control competition.

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The Benefits of Art, Choices, and Discipline: Part I 



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