How Is Your Child Doing with Chores?

Monday’s Parenting Thought
Once you assign a chore, be sure to watch to see if your child is doing it as expected. If not, it is better to remove the responsibility for a few more months rather than nag at him to do his chores or worse yet – do them for him.
If he has to give up a chore, try giving him another household chore that requires less skill or less frequency. Make sure it is something that will help you out so you have time to take over his former chore.
Teach your child how his chore has to be done in order to be done well. What are the steps to loading the dishwasher, making his bed, taking the garbage out, mowing the lawn, getting dirty clothes to the laundry room, etc. Consider making a checklist that describes each step that has to be done. Let your child know that the job is not done until all items are checked off.
Example: Making the Bed
____All covers on the bed
____All pillows on the bed
____All wrinkles smoothed out
____No toys or clothes on the bed
Inspired by PICK A PUP  by Marsha Wilson Hall
More about responsibility at Kids and Pets: The Basics and Kids and Pets: More about Responsibility, Love, Independence, and Loss

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