Kids’ Birthday Party “Rules.” 

Monday’s Parenting Thought
Three Kids’ Birthday Party “Rules” 
  1. Don’t give out birthday party invitations at school unless all the children in the class are being invited. If inviting the whole class is not what you want to do or just isn’t possible – protect the feelings of others by your phone, email, or U.S. mail to personally deliver the invitations parent-to-parent or kid-to-kid.
  2. If you send birthday treats to school for your child’s birthday, make sure there are enough for everyone in the class.
  3. Limit the number of guests at your child’s party. Inviting the number of guests that match the age of your child is a good rule of thumb (for example, four guests for a four-year-old).
Inspired by CLEVER JACK TAKES THE CAKE by Candace Fleming.
More about kids’ birthday parties at Birthday Parties, Part 1.

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