When Is a Kid’s Birthday Party Too Much?

Monday’s Parenting Thought
When Is a Birthday Party Too Much?
  • When there are too many gifts. Think about the number of partygoers that will be
    coming to celebrate. That’s how many gifts your child will receive. Is that too many for your child to really appreciate? Too many to actually play with or use? Too many to take good care of?
  • Think about the gifts you have seen given at recent child parties – the ones you have purchased for your child’s friends. Are they expensive? More than they need to be? Even if you have enough money, would your child enjoy less expensive things just as much?
  • Are your child’s parties a really big deal each year and getting bigger every year?
  • Keep in mind that kids love having too much – until they come to understand that they are never satisfied with anything – that they are always looking for more and more stuff and bigger and bigger celebrations to make them happy.
Inspired by CLEVER JACK TAKES THE CAKE by Candace Fleming.
More about kids’ birthday parties at Birthday Parties, Part 1.

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