Can Things Get Better with Your Kids in the New Year?

Parenting Thoughts

Yes – Things can get better with your kids this year.
It is important for us all to remember that both children and adults can make changes. However, the adult must start by changing some of their ways of dealing with the kids. Maybe it is raising your voice less often, hugging more often, or making sure rules have reasonable consequences that are enforced.
Children are very flexible. If parents and child caregivers decide to try new and better ways to show their kids they are loved no matter what while they also expect them to follow reasonable rules, their children will almost always change their behavior too. But, this will not happen overnight. And, sometimes a child’s behavior will get even more difficult before it gets better. Children like to test out whether adults really mean what they are doing and saying, especially if adults begin acting in new ways.
So, if you want to try some new adult behaviors in 2019 go ahead and get started. Then, hang in there waiting for the changes in your children’s behavior, be sure of yourself, and celebrate each small change you see – in yourself and in your kids.
Inspired by PRINCESS IN TRAINING by Tammi Sauer
For more information about changes in child behavior:  Becoming a Lovable and Capable Prince or Princess

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