Six Ways to Help Kids Learn to Wait

Parenting Thoughts

What can I do to help my kids learn to wait?

  1. Let them struggle to put the puzzle together – don’t immediately “show” them.
  2. Let them reach for a toy – don’t hand it to them.
  3. Let them learn to turn a toy on or open it up – don’t do it for them.
  4. Don’t replace a lost pet so they won’t have to be sad. Wait until they have worked through being sad and the time is right for the whole family to have a new pet.
  5. Don’t give them money when they are “dying” for some new thing. Help them plan a way to earn their own money for the thing they want.
  6. Comfort children when they are sad, but let them learn to hang in there and let time help them feel better.
Inspired by BETTY BUNNY LOVES CHOCOLATE CAKE by Michael B. Kaplan
For more information about kids and waiting: Learning to Wait

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