Safety: a Key to Curiosity, Exploration, and Learning

Parenting Thoughts

How do you encourage curiosity, exploration, and learning in your young children?
Make sure both your child and your special things are safe. Preparing your house or yard for a little explorer is worth the effort.  A child who becomes a good explorer at a young age is likely to be a better student later. After  all, school is one big exploration.
Check for anything that can hurt your child. For example:
  • Things that can be climbed on or pulled over
  • Sources of fire or electrical shock
  • Plastic bags or covers
  • Pools of water
  • Un-gated steps
  • Sharp objects
  • Poison materials, including cleaning materials, medicines, and even some plants
Check to make sure your special things are protected.
  • Put them up high but make sure your child can’t climb up to get them.
  • Put them away but make sure the cupboards, drawers, closets can’t be opened by your young child.

Important Note:  School-age children cannot explore and learn to the best of their ability unless schools are safe.

Inspired by A VIOLIN FOR ELVA by Mary Lyn Ray
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